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Over the past 2 years CCTV camera systems have grown in popularity and dependence among domestic and commercial premises around not only Melbourne and Australia but the world. CCTV systems are responsible for solving Hundreds of crimes around Melbourne each and every day.

Gone are the days of grainy footage where you couldn't make out a car model let alone get a registration number. Today CCTV systems are capable of not only getting a car model and colour but also the registration number. And better yet prices for the CCTV systems in Melbourne have dropped considerably. Quality has gone up, and prices down!

Ranges Alarms provides a complete CCTV installation service to both homes and businesses around throughout Metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland areas. CCTV has grown to become one of the most used electronic security methods today.

Our advanced CCTV systems can help you deter thefts, protect you from liability claims and give you overall protection of your assets.

At Ranges Alarms we believe that it is paramount that your security surveillance is tailored specifically for your needs, whether you are looking for a CCTV system for your home or office we can assist you.

Most of the systems that we install can now be viewed on the majority of smart phones, which means you can keep an eye on things 100% of the time.

Some recent CCTV systems we have installed around Melbourne.

16 Channel HD-TVI Hyrbid system at a Service station. Using the hybrid system enabled us to keep the costs down by utilising the existing cameras throughout the store while installing brand new full 1080p HD cameras for the important areas such as the driveway entrance and exit, front door etc.

4 Channel HD-TVI CCTV system installed in a domestic residence. Even though these images were taken with an iphone you can still see the clarity that these cameras have. It is no trouble for them to be able to capture facial features and registration plates. This system was installed for under $2000.


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