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Inner Range Inception

Inception Access Control

Inception by Inner Range

Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge that sets it apart from the pack. With web-based software built directly into the main system controller, the Inception system is easy to access using a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

With a step-by-step commissioning guide and outstanding user interface, Inception is easy to install and very easy to operate.

Budget Friendly

The Inception system is a budget friendly security solution that is both powerful and very flexible. With no software costs and truly universal inputs & outputs, Inception can often be deployed as a stand-alone controller reducing the need for additional hardware.

Web Powered Convenience

Inception’s web-based interface is the gateway to convenience for both the system installer and the end user. For the system installer there is no need to install software on a computer and no need to leave a computer running on site. Inception can be configured and commissioned using almost any device that has a web browser.

For end users, the Inception system is simple to control and leverages your existing smartphones, tablets or computers. The Inception Security System is connected to your local network, meaning you can use almost any web-enabled device to access your system, including hard-wired desktop or Wi-Fi connected devices.

If you’re out and about, getting connected to your Inception system is no different. Inception takes full advantage of the Inner Range SkyTunnel system which provides a secured connection back to your system. Providing your smartphone or tablet can get a connection to the Internet, SkyTunnel will do the connecting part for you, giving you powerful and convenient control wherever you are.


  • Inception is a fully featured intruder detection system capable of monitoring up to 512 detection points with powerful security monitoring features, which tightly integrate with Inception’s access control function.
  • It is a powerful access control system capable of providing physical access for up to 128 doors and 256 card readers, or 32 Lift Cars. The access control system provides logical and clever integration with the security alarm function.
  • Inception’s universal inputs and outputs can be used for monitoring and automated actions and control of systems such as lighting, air conditioning and many other systems. Convenient control is provided via Inception’s web-based interface giving you convenient and flexible control directly from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Responsive web interface which can be accessed by computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Receive email and push notifications directly to your phone.
  • With no software required, the Inception system is cost effective, providing the same features as other access control and alarm systems but at a fraction of the cost.

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