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Intercom Systems

Intercom systems work for the family home, office's and apartment buildings. Giving you the ability to see and speak to people before opening your door. As with all our services,we pride ourself on installing the highest quality equipment at the best price, with options catering for all budgets.

Video intercom package - 7 Inch Haakilli Video Intercom $680.00 Fully Installed
  • 7 Inch colour touch screen monitor
  • Hands free
  • 4 Monitors can be connected
  • Up to 2 door stations can be connected
  • single press button to turn on outdoor camera from the handset
  • Ability to unlock a door or gate

Package includes: 1 x Monitor (black or white), 1 x door station, 1 x power supply

*Price based on standard single storey house or office building

Other intercom systems

We have a huge range of intercom systems available, too many to list here. These systems range from video, audio, single station to multi station suited for apartment complexes and large office buildings.


Our Kocom intercom system has the ability to be linked up to your Hills Reliance alarm system via our Comnav system, this allows the intercom to be remotely controlled via mobile phone through the Hills smart phone app.

Imagine being at work expecting a delivery!

The delivery driver presses your intercom and it calls your mobile phone, not only can you speak to the delivery driver but you can also see him. With the comnav you can disarm your alarm system, unlock your garage door so the driver can safely store you parcel inside, you can then close your garage door and re-arm your alarm system. All without leaving your office!

This is all capable with an Alarm, Intercom and Comnav system installed by Ranges Alarms!


If you would like more information regarding our Intercom systems please contact us.

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