Need to expand access to your premises without compromising your sites security? Access control could be your answer!. Access control systems involves the ability to control access to certain areas around your building by either a pin code, swipe card or fob, giving your premises a higher and less restrictive form of security.

With the ability to limit access to restricted areas an access control system installed by Ranges Alarms gives users the ease of giving access to certain areas to authorised personele only.

Ranges Alarms can design and install a system which is tailor made to suit your requirements. From single door access to multi door / multi user access. These systems can be installed in office’s, factories, apartment complexes even the standard house.

What type of System do I need?

An access control system can be single user or multi user so the first question to ask is how many users do I need? For a single user a simple standalone reader with electronic lock will do the job. if you require a multi user system then you might want to look at incorporating an access control system with a security alarm system.

There are a number of Security alarm systems that can be integrated with a system that can control access. Not only can you swipe a card or a fob to unlock a door but you can also swipe to arm or disarm your security system at the same time.

How much does an Access Control System Cost?

Depending on the type of system anywhere from $350 to $3000

Previous Work

Kantech Access Control

We installed a Kantech Kt-400 Access control system to a new development in South Melbourne. The building has 3 levels and need a standalone solution which could restrict access to each level. The access control system controls the front and rear doors as well as 2 lifts.

The Kantech access control system gave us greater flexibility as there were limitations with space. We installed a reader is both of the lifts so that access to the buildings levels are restricted.

Kantech is an excellent option for businesses that want to manage their own system with a user friendly built in web browser which gives you full control over your system including issuing and revoking cards, checking event history and unlocking doors remotely.

Hikvision Access Control

Hikvision Access Control SystemHikvision Reader

We installed a Hikvision access control system for a business in Melbourne who wanted to integrate their access control system with their CCTV system. The Hikvision access control system has the ability to be integrated with Hikvision facial recognition cameras which enables doors to be unlocked simply by looking into a camera.

A Hikvision Access Control system is a cost effective solution for businesses.

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