If you are looking at either installing or upgrading your home security then you would have noticed there are a large number of different security systems on the market today. It can be very confusing and difficult to decide which one suits you best.

There is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to home security. Depending on the type of house you have will determine what system is best for you.

For a single storey house with roof space access a hardwired home security system is best. Depending on the size 3 PIR sensors should do the job, after all it only takes one sensor to be triggered for the alarm system to have done it’s job. An Internal Piezo screamer is a must, if not to alert it will at least ensure that if someone has broken in they aren’t going to want to stick around. These things are seriously loud!

Of course a security system needs an external siren/strobe combo to alert anyone passing by that your alarm has been activated. Then you will need to be able to turn the alarm system on and off via a keypad, which is normally positioned near your main entrance door.

What if the power goes out? Well the security system has a back up battery which with full charge will last around the 8 hour period.

So everything listed above will set you back $900.00 Including GST Fully Installed.

For a double storey house it is a little trickier. Running cables isn’t the easiest to do in some cases without cutting plaster it is impossible. But that is where a wireless security system will do the job.

Here at Ranges Security we use a Ness branded system the R16. It is a wireless Security system that is reliable and easy to use and more importantly perfect for your home security.

For the same $900.00 price you will get the Panel with inbuilt keypad and (loud) siren, 2 x LUX wireless PIR sensors, 2 remote control’s to arm and disarm the system and a back up battery Fully Installed.