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Are you looking for affordable home security Monitoring?

You may already have a Monitored home security system and are looking around for a low cost monitoring solution.

If you currently have your security alarm system monitored, how much are you paying per week? Are you signed up on any contracts?

There are a number of home and business security monitoring companies around. A quick google search of ‘Home Security Monitoring Melbourne’ will attest to this. But they don’t all offer the same service.

Firstly if you have an existing security alarm system that is currently being monitored, grab your last bill that you were sent. How much are you paying per week?

If you are paying more than $7.00 (including GST) per week for standard PSTN phone line monitoring then you are being overcharged.
If you are paying more than $11.00 (including GST) per week for GPRS monitoring then you are also being overcharged.

Are you signed up onto a contract? Why?

If you are looking for affordable home security monitoring in Melbourne then Ranges Security can help. Not only is our Security Monitoring low cost but there are also absolutely No Contracts involved. 

No Contract Affordable Home Security Monitoring

Dialler – $5.50 (including GST) per week
GPRS – $9.90 (including GST) per week

If you would like more information regarding our affordable Security Monitoring Services fill in your contact details below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively call Ranges Security on 0421 016 897

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