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One of our most recent jobs was to provide a suitable access control solution for a lift in South Melbourne. There were 4 levels including ground. Restrictions needed to be placed on each level to only allow access to certain people at certain times.

Adding access control to an existing lift was made easy through Tyco’s Kantech access control system. The KT-400 gave us the necessary features and add-on’s required which enabled us to provide our client with an IP access control system that is not only future proof and secure but also easy to operate and compared to other access control systems on the market is cost effective.

Features of KT-400

  • Onboard Ethernet 128-bit AES-encrypted communication with the EntraPass system ensures a high degree of network security
  • Control the occupancy level in a defined location with the anti-passback feature
  • 100,000 cards capacity and provides up to 20,000 concurrent events in stand-alone mode
  • 256 outputs (four onboard) provide scalability
  • Communicates with the EntraPass Gateway only when an event has occurred, ensuring low network bandwidth consumption (Special and Corporate Editions only)
  • Verify and configure IP settings with a built-in web configuration page
  • Supervised door lock outputs with internal or external power supply
  • LEDs provide important controller status and diagnostic information
  • Additional battery supervision and monitoring help ensure controller functionality


Features of EntraPass Go Pass:

  • Use your mobile device to access secured areas
  • Works with any Kantech reader
  • Solves problems of lost cards
  • Great for visitors, temporary workers or high turnover personnel populations
  • Fast, easy authorization process
  • Access defined by privileges in EntraPass
  • Use with traditional EntraPass Corporate or Global Editions, or as part of your hattrix hosted/managed security subscription
  • Support for iOS mobile devices including Apple Watch



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